Review: Dollar Tree Window Cleaner

I love testing new all kinds of products out, I came across this Window Cleaner from Dollar Tree and decided to try it out. I must say I was pretty impressed with it. Its does a great job and leaves no streaks, no film left behind, and it also leaves a great shine. I love that it is Ammonia Free. I have tested it on glass surfaces, windows, and mirrors. I love it so much, that’s what I now always use for a few years now! There is a smell of vinegar to it, but to me it is not strong, you do smell the vinegar when spraying. It’s a great product that is not highly priced, I paid $1.25 plus tax and am amazed at how well it works and cleans. I always have an extra bottle just in case I run out. I have also used it on glass shower doors, works greats on removing hard water stains leaving a nice clear glass.

This product from Dollar Tree is amazing.

I gave up on Windex because it was always leaving streaks and a bit of a film, I hated that. Made everything look like it was not properly cleaned. Windex isn’t cheap either for something that doesn’t work great. I did use Windex for years prior to starting to use this Window Cleaner from Dollar Tree. I use to love it, but noticed year after year the product results were changing and never was the same.

Who else loves affordable cleaning products? Do you know of other affordable cleaning products either from Dollar Tree or another place? Comment below and let me know, I am always into trying new things.

This is not a sponsored post, I just love sharing with you all products that work.

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