Halloween 2020

This Halloween will be different for many of us thanks to Covid-19. I have been thinking of ways to make Halloween fun still for the kids and thought I would share some of the ideas with you. A few people have asked and I thought it would be great to share our plans along with some extra ideas from Pinterest. I have pinned many ideas on Pinterest which I would like to do and also some extras for ideas for you all.
Glad Halloween is on a Saturday so I can have time to prepare and bedtimes are no issue here. We have our costumes picked out and everyone’s happy.

The following is what I am planning for this Halloween with the kids,
1. Orange pancakes for breakfast
2. Halloween party- We will be decorating the inside of our house with halloween decorations and get out any “Halloween” serving trays and playing Halloween music.
3. Creating fun baking and snack creations with a halloween theme. (found some good ones on Pinterest)
4. Candy Scavenger Hunt, depending on the weather this may be done indoors. What’s great about the candy hunt is that it can be done indoors or outdoors.
5. Making Halloween theme slime (also found on Pinterest)
6. Colouring some printable Halloween pictures
7. A kid friendly Halloween movie night with orange and black colored popcorn made with food colouring) and some of the treats from the scavenger hunt.

This time is hard for everyone due to restrictions, but we can try to make the best out of every situation. As disappointed the kids may have been with the restrictions of not being able to trick or treat (in some areas) they will be ok. We parents can pull off a fun one at home. We took the time and spoke with the kids about the plan and they are ok about it, they are actually really excited for what we have planned. Hope you all have a Happy and Safe Halloween.

Dollarama and Dollar Tree are great budget friendly places to find decorations, crafts, treats, and so much more.

Another great place that has everything you need and more Party City.

Do you have some ideas to share? Comment below and share for everyone.

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