28 Days Purging Series: Day 3

Welcome to day three of this purging series. Today we are going to be doing the kitchen counters.

Our goal is to spend 20 minutes or less on this task. Throughout this series there may be tasks that only take 5-10 mins and that is great and gives so much motivation to keep on with the tasks in the days ahead.  If you missed the previous post Day 1 and Day 2, they are linked for you.

Our kitchen counters can get cluttered quick. I also, use to keep more appliances out on display (the pretty ones). I quickly learned that they are, one just taking up room and two making cleaning longer.
I now only keep out the appliances that we use daily (example; coffee machine, espresso machine, toaster oven) everything else I store away in the cupboards with easy access. This clears up room on the counters and makes cleaning the counters faster. It also makes the kitchen look bigger and sleek. I do have decor on my counters, but not much. The decor is also away from the spaces we use daily.

If you keep papers on your counters, I suggest getting an organizer for them.

You can sort into categories &/or family members, it’s neater and easier to find what you need. It is also a great way to keep on top of and making a habit to go thru weekly. You can easily tuck in on the counter where you like. This also makes it look so much better.

Let’s get right in.
First pull everything off that doesn’t belong on the counters &/or items out of place. If you have paper piles, go thru and sort them quickly, toss anything you see you don’t need (ex: flyers), and then you can move them to the place where you will be going thru them in more detail. Get rid of anything that doesn’t belong there (tip: you can put the things that you want to move to another place of your home in a basket, a laundry basket works great, and move it to their homes once done) Keep appliances that you use daily out making it easier and less time consuming pulling them out everyday, the others if you have the room store it in a cupboard, or if you have a walk in pantry. If you do not have the space in the kitchen, think of an area of your home that you can make storage for those items. (could be a space you can setup in the basement, or in a hallway closet that has room, etc..). For your dish washing area, I personally keep a ceramic tray out that holds the dish soap, hand soap, dish sponge and brush. I do this because I have teenagers that do chores and having it out is easier for them. I added the tray to make it look more appealing. Under the sink is also a great storing area.

Comment below and let me know if you took part in today’s task. Do you love keeping pretty appliances out on display? Did you deicide to change it? Let me know.

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