28 Days Purging Series: Day 4

Welcome to day four of this purging series. Today we are going to be doing The Pantry.

Our goal is to spend 20 minutes or less on this task. Throughout this series there may be tasks that only take 5-10 mins and that is great and gives so much motivation to keep on with the tasks in the days ahead. 

Also, during these daily tasks for our purging series, if there is a day where it does not apply to you or that place does not need it you can select another area to do with the same idea of 20 minutes or less.

Let’s jump in. Whatever kind of pantry you have start from the top and work your way down. This is not cleaning task, just a simple go through, tidy, and clear out. If you find something out of place, put aside and then once everything is done you can put it where it belongs. Look through all expiry dates, really look at everything. Get rid of anything that you are not using or/& have not used in a long while. If sealed in date you can donate it, if opened maybe you know someone who uses that product, or just toss it. Anything you think is stale get rid of, if you can’t remember how long it’s been there then it’s time to get rid of it. By getting rid of these things you will have more room. A cleaner and visible space, making it easier to see and know what you have. Also makes it easier to get what you need without pulling half of it out, or not knowing what you have and buying it again without really needing too.

Sharing mine with you, it was a hot mess.

This took me a while as we are a family of six and I store a lot in my pantry like baking supplies, healthy smoothie supplies, healthy snacks, kids snacks, chips, nuts, canned food, extras, etc… We really need a bigger pantry. (There maybe one soon, hint, hint.) I really was procrastinating this task. It also took me the whole time because as you can tell from the before and after pictures I did organize it as well as going thru all the items and getting rid of things. Honestly setting a timer is the best, you get it done and quick. I thought it would take me forever and it didn’t.
Tip: I have learned that if there is something I really am pushing off because of the time I think it would take, I set a timer and this motivates me to just do it. There’s something about setting a timer that makes it feel more fun to do. It’s like a game to beat the timer.
It motivates me to just get to it, also I used this method in my big basement clear out setting a timer for the amount of time I have that day and this was great, I knew I wouldn’t get it all done but it sure made me see the process and wanting to continue with it.

Also, these bins you can see in the pictures are from Dollarama and Dollar Tree, they are perfect for keeping things together in their categories and not having to keep every product box. It’s not perfect color coded or every bin matching, but it works and I love bins for organizing and keeping certain things contained.

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Comment below and let me know if you took part in today’s task. How did today’s task go for you?Did you clear the clutter? How does it feel/look?

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