28 Days Purging Series: Day 20

Welcome to day twenty of this purging series. Today we are going to be doing Shoes.

Our goal is to spend 20 minutes or less on this task. Throughout this series there may be tasks that only take 5-10 mins and that is great and gives so much motivation to keep on with the tasks in the days ahead. 

Also, during these daily tasks for our purging series if there is a day where it does not apply to you or that place does not need it you can select another area to do with the same idea of 20 minutes or less.

Shoes can be a hard one for many of us shoe lovers. No need to pull all of them out, if your seasonal ones are packed away for the season just go thru the ones that are out (you can do those ones when they come out for the season). Let’s set that timer and go. If you have a crazy amount of shoes and 20 minutes is not enough, you can choose to do this task longer or if it’s too overwhelming you can come back to this task another time (any amount of progress is good). Your most less used ones will have a nice pile of dust on them (or their boxes), start with those first. It may be easier to purge the ones that you don’t use often. Next, all your most worn can be pulled out and put aside. For all others go thru them and deicide how much you really wear or/and need them. I use to buy shoes all the time, now I am more cautious of what I buy and how many of the same or/and similar am I purchasing. I love shoes, shoes and handbags are my favourite items to purchase. After a good declutter and really seeing how many similar shoes I have or even just how many of the same colour was shocking and made me see how I am wasting my money. There are only so many shoes we really need, especially when it comes to fancy shoes and high heels. I now buy as needed, if the ones I own need replacing or if I really like the shoe and need it in a different colour I may buy the same shoe style but not in multiples, simply because I know they are comfortable and will be worn. For all your items that you are letting go of, if in good condition please look into donating these items to a great place.

Was this task harder on making the decision of keeping or letting go?

Share pictures with me on Instagram tag me @sandy.isho would love to see.