28 Days Purging Series: Day 16

Welcome to day sixteen of this purging series. Today we are going to be doing our Computers/Laptops.

Our goal is to spend 20 minutes or less on this task. Throughout this series there may be tasks that only take 5-10 mins and that is great and gives so much motivation to keep on with the tasks in the days ahead. 

Also, during these daily tasks for our purging series if there is a day where it does not apply to you or that place does not need it you can select another area to do with the same idea of 20 minutes or less.

Our computers/laptops can hold a lot. Today similar to Day 15, we are going to go through our computers and get rid of apps, files, notes, photos, programs, etc… that we are no longer using or/& needing. If needed we can also organize the files, apps, notes, photos, etc… into folders which will help us in the long run to know where we can find everything. Doing this will also help with our systems memory and making it work better. Doing this can also be very time consuming so remember to set your timer. Just like my phone (Day15), my laptop can use this purge very much. If you have both (a computer, a laptop) pick the one you use most or the one you think needs this the most. For me I pick my laptop, I tend to use mine more just because it is more convenient to move around with. My computer holds more of items that I need to backup or store. I will do my computer at another time when I have some free time. Also, if you have both getting one done and having that awesome feeling will motivate you to do it to the next device at another time. At the end you can change up your back ground of your home screen, it will make it feel as refreshed as the declutter and organization task you just did.

Did you find that your computer/laptop needed a good purge?

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