28 Days Purging Series: Day 26

Welcome to day twenty six of this purging series. Today we are going to be doing Books/Magazines.

Our goal is to spend 20 minutes or less on this task. Throughout this series there may be tasks that only take 5-10 mins and that is great and gives so much motivation to keep on with the tasks in the days ahead. 

Also, during these daily tasks for our purging series if there is a day where it does not apply to you or that place does not need it you can select another area to do with the same idea of 20 minutes or less.

This task should not take long. Choose only the books that belong to you not your kids or other family members, unless you don’t have any and want to choose to do theirs for this task.
Get two bins ready, one for donate (either to donate to a place or to hand over to someone you know will enjoy it ), one for recycling (magazines). Start from the top pile and work your way through. Keep the ones you want to re-read (only if you truly are going to) or you use for reference. Books that you haven’t had a chance and might seem not interesting to you anymore let those go. Everything you have read that you haven’t selected to re-read is less likely you will ever pick up again. Keeping them will only make your piles grow larger over time making future purging harder (longer) to go through.

Was this an easy one for you? This took me less then 5 minutes, I honestly don’t hold onto books and magazines, the magazines I have kept are ones that I use as table or spot decor. All books I have kept are only the ones to read and the ones I use for references. With this being said I didn’t include my kids books, I only went through their dictionary, thesaurus, reference books (researching), etc… which are kept with my books.

A question I would love to know is would you re-do this purging series again at a later date to up keep with your home?

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