28 Days Purging Series: Day 4

Welcome to day four of this purging series. Today we are going to be doing The Pantry.

Our goal is to spend 20 minutes or less on this task. Throughout this series there may be tasks that only take 5-10 mins and that is great and gives so much motivation to keep on with the tasks in the days ahead. 

Also, during these daily tasks for our purging series, if there is a day where it does not apply to you or that place does not need it you can select another area to do with the same idea of 20 minutes or less.

Let’s jump in. Whatever kind of pantry you have start from the top and work your way down. This is not cleaning task, just a simple go through, tidy, and clear out. If you find something out of place, put aside and then once everything is done you can put it where it belongs. Look through all expiry dates, really look at everything. Get rid of anything that you are not using or/& have not used in a long while. If sealed in date you can donate it, if opened maybe you know someone who uses that product, or just toss it. Anything you think is stale get rid of, if you can’t remember how long it’s been there then it’s time to get rid of it. By getting rid of these things you will have more room. A cleaner and visible space, making it easier to see and know what you have. Also makes it easier to get what you need without pulling half of it out, or not knowing what you have and buying it again without really needing too.

Sharing mine with you, it was a hot mess.

This took me a while as we are a family of six and I store a lot in my pantry like baking supplies, healthy smoothie supplies, healthy snacks, kids snacks, chips, nuts, canned food, extras, etc… We really need a bigger pantry. (There maybe one soon, hint, hint.) I really was procrastinating this task. It also took me the whole time because as you can tell from the before and after pictures I did organize it as well as going thru all the items and getting rid of things. Honestly setting a timer is the best, you get it done and quick. I thought it would take me forever and it didn’t.
Tip: I have learned that if there is something I really am pushing off because of the time I think it would take, I set a timer and this motivates me to just do it. There’s something about setting a timer that makes it feel more fun to do. It’s like a game to beat the timer.
It motivates me to just get to it, also I used this method in my big basement clear out setting a timer for the amount of time I have that day and this was great, I knew I wouldn’t get it all done but it sure made me see the process and wanting to continue with it.

Also, these bins you can see in the pictures are from Dollarama and Dollar Tree, they are perfect for keeping things together in their categories and not having to keep every product box. It’s not perfect color coded or every bin matching, but it works and I love bins for organizing and keeping certain things contained.

Did you miss Day 1, 2, & 3 post? Click on the day number you missed, posts are linked.

Comment below and let me know if you took part in today’s task. How did today’s task go for you?Did you clear the clutter? How does it feel/look?

Share pictures with me on Instagram tag me @sandy.isho would love to see.


How cute are these?

Have you heard about the Plushcrafts? Well let me tell you they are a great craft for the kids. There is a variety of different animals to choose from. I got the unicorn and the panda for my girls from Michaels. They even have animal pillow which will be my next purchase for the girls (great Christmas gift). I love crafts that aren’t just for the time being, these crafts the kids can continue to use/play with afterwards.

My girls enjoyed this very much. What parent doesn’t love a craft that keeps the kids entertained. Each box came with everything you need and instructions clear enough for my girls to read and be able to do it on their own (my girls are 8 and 10 years old). My girls continued to play with them once they were done making them. They keep them safe, each of them have them on their dresser in their rooms. I wouldn’t recommend just throwing them in the toy bin/box so the that fabric doesn’t get pulled and start coming off. They are looking forward to collecting more of these to do.

Have you tried them? Have you tried the pillow ones? Do you know of other crafts that are great for kids? Comment below and share with us.

These are also available on Amazon, Indigo, Toys R Us.

This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are of my own.

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Halloween 2020

This Halloween will be different for many of us thanks to Covid-19. I have been thinking of ways to make Halloween fun still for the kids and thought I would share some of the ideas with you. A few people have asked and I thought it would be great to share our plans along with some extra ideas from Pinterest. I have pinned many ideas on Pinterest which I would like to do and also some extras for ideas for you all.
Glad Halloween is on a Saturday so I can have time to prepare and bedtimes are no issue here. We have our costumes picked out and everyone’s happy.

The following is what I am planning for this Halloween with the kids,
1. Orange pancakes for breakfast
2. Halloween party- We will be decorating the inside of our house with halloween decorations and get out any “Halloween” serving trays and playing Halloween music.
3. Creating fun baking and snack creations with a halloween theme. (found some good ones on Pinterest)
4. Candy Scavenger Hunt, depending on the weather this may be done indoors. What’s great about the candy hunt is that it can be done indoors or outdoors.
5. Making Halloween theme slime (also found on Pinterest)
6. Colouring some printable Halloween pictures
7. A kid friendly Halloween movie night with orange and black colored popcorn made with food colouring) and some of the treats from the scavenger hunt.

This time is hard for everyone due to restrictions, but we can try to make the best out of every situation. As disappointed the kids may have been with the restrictions of not being able to trick or treat (in some areas) they will be ok. We parents can pull off a fun one at home. We took the time and spoke with the kids about the plan and they are ok about it, they are actually really excited for what we have planned. Hope you all have a Happy and Safe Halloween.

Dollarama and Dollar Tree are great budget friendly places to find decorations, crafts, treats, and so much more.

Another great place that has everything you need and more Party City.

Do you have some ideas to share? Comment below and share for everyone.

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My Top 6 Productivity Tips

  1. Create a morning routine. Example, open blinds, work out, coffee, lists, etc… Creating a morning routine that works for you is such a game plan to get your day started off right.
  2. Wake up 1 hour before the rest of your household. I stand by this really working. Yes it is hard to get use too, but you can start off slow like 1 or 2 days a week, or half hr before. I wake up between 5-5:30am everyday (weekdays) for years now. It has made such a difference in my day. I can actually enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee and get things done. Things to get done, changes here and there depending on what needs to get done. Sometimes it’s work things & sometimes it’s house/family things normally a mix of both. I can really get a lot achieved in this time. My kids start to wake up at 6:30am and by that time I am already making breakfast for them. I really want to work on adding working out to this early morning routine. See for me that’s hard, but I will keep trying to fit it in until I get it in there somewhere. Since Covid-19 started and kept us at home, I bent the rules on bedtimes and kids routines. It was hard on enough with all the changes, online school, and staying home. Now, I am home full time with the kids and they are on summer break, they do wake up later, but I still on most days get up an hour before they do. This will change September 1st and we will return to regular routines.
  3. Limit online time, set a timer. I can get lost on social media sometimes, watching everyones stories, liking posts, etc… I may post a picture in the morning of my coffee but then I will give myself sometime in the mornings once I am done my morning routine/tasks. I also will go on thru out the day, but not for long. As social media is also apart of my job, I do need to keep up with posts, comments, etc.
  4. Plan ahead, planner, calendars. Always check your planner or calendar ahead of time (daily) to insure you don’t miss any appointments, events, dates. This will also help plan the next day much easier. You don’t want to make a huge to do list or even a little one, but have a task that will take so long that your calendar may interfere with. I love. my planner by Happy Planner, I got mine at Michaels . I also use my IPhone calendar, but just for reminders. I review, add, and plan in my planner every night. I also review it in the morning. My planner is such an important item to me and I feel helps me so much to stay on track.
  5. Make a “Daily To Do” List. If you list ends up being long, make a top 3 or 5 number list. Go thru that long list and number your top musts and get on those first and if you have time tackle the next task. I find that when I have a long list, I choose my must do’s and most of the time I can get those done and more. Making a To Do list is so satisfying and even more satisfying to cross that task off once it’s done.
  6. Create a night time routine, this is the key to get your morning tasks done and also to having a peaceful relaxed morning. We are all people with busy lives and their are evenings that I don’t want to do my night routine and when I don’t the next morning when I get up and see the added things to do, I start hating myself as I am rushing trying to get caught up and onto my morning tasks as well. Having a night time routine that works for you will help you in the morning with less to do and being more productive in the things you wanted to do in the morning. Setting a good bedtime and sticking to it will also help in your early morning wake up call.

What do you think of the above list? Do you have a morning and night routine? Do you have any productive tips that you do? Comment below.

March Break Camps 2020

Now that Valentine’s Day is over, it’s time to start planning for the kids March Break. Being a working mom myself I thought I would put together some March Break Camp ideas and share them here with their direct links for you to check out.

Simply Play
Caledon, ON
March 16th-20th, 2020

Caledon Academy of the Arts
Caledon East, ON
Offering Full Day & Half Day options.

Tiny Town
Vaughan, ON
March 16th-20th, 2020
Offering Full Day

Studio on King
Bolton, ON
Offering 3 days, March 16th, 17th, & 20th, 2020

Rooks to Cooks
Toronto, ON
Cooking Camp

Brick Work Academy
Waterloo, ON
Offering a variety of types & different age groups

Creative Kids Place
Mississauga, ON
Offering a variety of types & different age groups

Brampton, ON
March 16th-20th, 2020
Extended hrs available

I will be updating these as I find more or/& am advised on camps I think you may like to see information on. So, keep checking back for updates.

If you found this post useful comment below and let me know. Do you know of another camp offering that we should share, comment below the details of it.

My Reset Sunday Routine

There’s nothing like having a routine in place. Routines are not just for kids, we adults need them too.

I knew I needed to come up with a routine that would help me get the new week started off right. Normally on Monday’s I do not go into the office, I was finding that I was doing a lot of house things on that day to reset for the week, which took up most of my day leaving me little time to get my other work things done. So I came up with this idea of doing it on Sunday’s, not only is it working Monday’s are now very productive in the ways I want it to be.

I thought I would share my routine with you and maybe you too would find it helpful to put one in place or inspire you to create your own and select the day that it would best work for you.

I take it easy in the mornings unless we have plans that afternoon. I get the kids breakfast ready, get a load in the washer. I like to drink & enjoy my coffee while I get on making a “To Do” list. I normally have already deep cleaned my house on Friday &/or Saturday so everything on my list is just to put the house back together from the weekend and get things prepared for the week.

Main Floor:

-Clean kitchen
-Go thru the fridge
-Make a grocery list
-Get the kids to go thru their backpacks, clean it out and organize it for the week
-Check their agendas & sign if I haven’t ready
-Insure homework is done
-Get any laundry still left to do, done
-Get anything that’s out of place back to where they belong
-Quick tidy of all rooms
-Quick check on the main hallway closet to insure kids things for school are all where the belong (for a smooth morning)
-Vacuum & a quick mop of the floors


-Make all the beds
-Pick out the girls clothes for Monday morning
-Put away any clean laundry
-Quick clean & tidy of bathrooms
-Empty all the bathroom garbages
-Quick vacuum

Other things I like to do:

-Get the girls water bottles filled and in the fridge
-If I can make their lunches for Monday I do so ( what I mean by if I can is sometimes they ask for a hot lunch to be made which then I will do in the morning) and get their snacks cut and packed.
-I pre-fill the coffee machine & set it to brew on a timer
-I also go thru calendars and my agenda and insure everything is to date and review what is upcoming for the week.

I swear by this routine that since I have figured out what I should I shouldn’t do helps me all week to stay on top of everything. I truly believe it sets me up for a peaceful mind especially on Monday mornings when we all wish it was still the weekend, lol. Now yes I still do things here and there during the week, but it helps so much to be less. Also, since I started needing more time to get my work done on Monday’s this routine has helped me with being able too and spending less evening time and/or staying up late to complete it. There are some Sunday’s where we are busy and I don’t have time to get it all done, but that’s where I pick my top must choices and get then done either early Sunday morning or in the evening and it still does help with having a setup for the week ahead.

Do you have a reset routine in place &/or a tip to share? Comment below.